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Mid-Summer Check In

Time flies gets faster in the summer. It is the middle of the season, but the dust of new changes are just settling at the shop. The good news is that there is good news; maybe I should say great news. In between, I’ve been busy juggling the shop and life.

For example, I can’t believe my son will be a senior next year. I remember when he was just a little boy who would put my shoes on. Now he is bigger than me. When I see him, I am reminded to cherish every moment and know that time waits for no one.

So without any more side stories, here are some critical updates.

New Stylists

Jihad Kinney is our new barber and holds his own in the chair.

Jihad Kinney.

I know I have been solo for over two years, but I finally have some other people on deck. A barber and a stylist have joined the Seventy Sixes Team.

Jihad Kinney has been barbering for almost two decades. He specializes in textured haircuts and classical scissor cuts. Jihad and I went to high school in Piscataway and we both attended Middlesex County’s Vocational School. He is a second-generation barber who has cut throughout New Jersey and in Atlanta.

His skills are impeccable. He is precise with lines and henna black-outs. He also can kill a fade.

Anthony and Clients

Anthony Smith and Clients

Anthony Smith, a celebrity stylist, has been styling in the game for 22 years. He is a colorist who is known for his signature short cuts, but is a weave master – sew-ins, vixen, partials, caps, individual parts, lace fronts and wig caps. He also styles natural hair. He serves a host of women clientele. A high profile client of his is actor/singer Naturi Naughton of the current popular Showtime original series, “Power.”

FREE Parking at Seventy Sixes

FREE Parking at Seventy Sixes

FREE Parking
Yes, I did not stutter. We have free and discounted parking for our clients. Our clients get 2 hours free parking if they park in Edison Parking lots located across the street from the shop or the parking lot on Central Avenue between Halsey Street and Washington Street. If you are over 2 hours then you pay $5.

Parking is such a hassle with all the changes going on in the downtown area. After a long list of parking tickets, we all can finally breathe. This is temporary, but we hope to help make this permanent with other businesses in a downtown association we just joined.

Hair Creme at Seventy Sixes

Hair Creme at Seventy Sixes

Hair/Beard/Body Crème
After months of asking, we finally got a new batch of hair crème. The crème is widely popular at the shop. We have repackaged our crème and have given our customers more. We went from 4 oz to 6 oz and moved to a more eco-friendly packaging, using glass instead of plastic jars. Plus we have the crème in eight scents: tangerine/vanilla, lime/myrrh, frankincense/myrrh, rose, frankincense, jasmine, cedarwood, ylang ylang/bergamot, lime/lavender and original scent.

Initially, the crème was desiged to moisturize the hair, help the scalp deal with an array of scalp issues such as dandruff, and provide an overall protection for the scalp and hair. However, clients reported that they use it as a body cream and beard moisturizer. So, it is a multi-purpose crème.

At the shop, the crème is $10 per person, but retail for $15.

We Have Air Conditioning!
After cutting for 3 summers in the heat, we’ve finally got AC. I’d like to thank all of the Seventy Sixes family who continued to come in spite of the sweaty, hot days at the shop. Ironically, I got AC during a cooler summer. Nonetheless, you can come in and cool off.

The Grooming Blueprint

Newark Pharoahs and Seventy Sixes 2

Newark Pharaohs and Ma’at Youth Basketball Camp in Newark, NJ

Our community initiative to groom and mentor boys and young men continues.

This summer we are co-sponsoring Ma’at Youth Basketball Camp in Newark. Run by power couple, Afrika and Patience, the Ma’at camp trains and mentors youth through basketball. The program welcomes boys and girls of all ages and abilities. We selected to work with MYBC because of the dedication Afrika and Patience (who run this camp with mostly their own resources) and their emphasis on community service. If you’d like to donate, contact them at maatyouthservices@yahoo.com.

So far we’ve donated practice jerseys, a week’s supply of snacks, water and sports drinks, as well as we have sponsored several youths to participate. The name of the team is Newark Pharaohs, and they definitely wear the crown. King James has nothing on them.

As you can see, there has been a lot happening at Seventy Sixes.
Stay posted and always, Be FRESh, Stay FRESh.

Life of a seventy Sixes Barber

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