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Fall Rituals + Open Doors = Beer & Wine Tasting, Oct. 17 @ 5PM

Fall Rituals + Open Doors = Beer & Wine Tasting, Oct. 17 @ 5PM

Taki Walden-Reed at The Grooming Blueprint fundraiser.

Seventy Sixes Wine & Beer Tasting, October 17, 2014 from 5 – 8 PM. An Open Doors Alternative. FREE EVENT.

The fall season almost always magnifies personal and city-wide rituals.

For me, the year starts in fall. It is something about the fall that brings back memories of starting anew. I was born in the fall. I got married in the fall. Kids go back to school. Football starts. The air begins to chill and the leaves turn into these dope colors of yellow, red & brown.

Newark buzzes of energy and creativity; and my clients, especially students and young heads bring in requests of new cuts that they want to try out for the autumn season. From new colors and angles to dramatic swoops and lines — the barbershop is the runway for men.

However, there is one fall ritual that has settled into the city, Open Doors. It is a ten-day, city-wide art festival featuring and celebrating local artists, art studios and galleries. Open Doors captures local innovation and a Newark art scene that is understated. This year is runs from October 9 – 19.

My clients, Victor from Aljira, Jerry Gant, local art phenom and Bisa Washington, an art genius and art teacher encourage me to participate past seasons. Last year I stuck my head into a couple of things, but that was too froufrou & pinky-finger-up-while-holding-a-tea-cup for me.

Me? I like some good house music, down-to-earth people, and a great craft beer or a red wine when celebrating art. So I thought, “Why not have an event at Seventy Sixes during Open Doors in Newark, NJ.”

With that, I decided to host a modest, but FRESh wine and beer tasting during Open Doors. I also have opened Seventy Sixes doors to local crafts persons who are customers and staff who’d like to share their works too.

I am also bringing back wine & beer makers who were featured at our wine & beer tasting fundraiser. And if you don’t drink, no problem. We will have non-alcoholic selections. But for those who enjoy fermented fruits and hops, please stop by.

Mouton Noir, Winemaker & Owner, Andre Heston
OPP (Pinot)
Love Drunk (Rose)
Knock on Wood (Chardonay)
Hand Grenades & Horseshoes (Red Blend)

Brooklyn Brewery, Brewmaster: Garret Oliver
Local 1
Local 2
Indian Pale Ale

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