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Winter Beer Gut

Spring Training

Spring Training

First, let me say that my wife let me put this picture up. She rolled her eyes when I posted it on my Facebook page and I think she took it down. Or maybe it just magically disappeared as she claims. I always tell her I keep my body up for her and never once argued about her camouflage bikini some years ago. Double standards, I know.

I’ve put the picture back up since and now she smiles that side smile black women do when they say, “Okay Negro, don’t get new on me. And pull your damn shorts up. I’m saying.”

It is true I want to look good for her, but I also work out to maintain stamina in the physical job of barbering. People think that clipping and scissoring is minimal, but I challenge anyone to be on their feet 6 days a week, 11 – 14 hours a day, talk to their clients, run a shop by yourself and then come back to me.

But this post is really about all men staying in shape. I grew up watching my father lift weights and go to the gym daily. He still is in the gym though he has changed his routine, but dude looks good and is healthy. He has a low sodium, low fat diet and has mastered an eating regimen similar to a nutritionist.

I hope to be that fit like my father when I get older. There are even some other clients in their 70s who walk miles every day and work out better than some of these 20-year-olds. They give me all types of tips on staying in shape as I age, but they are the exception.

As we are rolling into warmer climate, I ask all men to give their bodies a needed work out and also, an eating lifestyle that is healthier. Everyone knows I’m a beer man, but every winter, I have to work on my beer gut so I can show it off. I’m saying, maybe your girl will snatch your photo off of Facebook too.

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